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Give your tissue some "LOVE"

We all get tight from time to time and using a foam roll or hard ball to work on tissue quality is very beneficial for your body if you do it correctly. However you can also spend WAY to much time rolling and really not create any change. Let me explain.

More is not necessarily better in this regard. Nor is causing pain to the point of tears streaming down you face as you repeat the mantra "this is helping, this is good:" The idea is to find an area that is tight or "toned" and work that spot for a couple of minutes. Then follow up any tissue work with movement and activation to help pump blood into that tissue. Before your workout is a good time to address some really tight spots, but following your workout during cool down gives you the opportunity to spend a little more time working on spots that didn't loosen up during your exercise session.

It is also important to work on muscle activation of the antagonist muscles after a rolling session to support the tissue of both the affected area and the muscles supporting that region. Your goal is to stimulate a response in your tissue, then activate the muscles around the tissue to support the change.

In summary- rolling without movement to support your work, is ineffective. If you want to elicit change you must move to pump blood to the area or muscle group to help restore the quality of the tissue.

* As a side note- it was Valentine's day when we made this video and Myles was trying his best to be "romantic" hence the candles, champagne. strawberries, and Reddiwhip- don't ask! But do love your body and support your muscles and tissues and all they do for you.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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