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It is my deep belief that the best version of an individual has a lifelong component of kinesthetic development and maintenance.  This is the basis for my passion for strength and movement coaching, and I hope we can share that passion on your journey to the best version of yourself.  


I officially began training in 2014, when Myles brought me onto the Areté team to assist with pre-season conditioning field work for the Bellevue Lacrosse team.  After immediately falling in love with the idea of long term athletic development, we have bolstered our partnership with a common vision of being the Eastside's premier athletic development team.


Though my “official” coaching experience goes back only a few years, I consider myself to have a “training age” beyond sufficient to guide you to achieving your fitness and competition goals.  

As I write this, I realize I am a jack of all trades, and master of none when it comes to movement and sport.  This allows me to deliver a dynamic, well-rounded program, with the ability to keep you in the prime spot on the learning curve. 

My personal experience includes:


  • Football, breath-hold diving, kickboxing, rugby, yoga and indoor sports climbing. 

  • Other sporting experiences include Tough Mudder, 5k runs, judo, wrestling, track, baseball, hand balancing, slacklining, surfing, and acro yoga


I would love the opportunity to guide you through your journey to strength.


Good Strength!

Jacob Bannach

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