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Our Philosophy

In ancient Greek culture, Arete was courage and strength in the face of adversity. At Arete Athletics, we encourage you to Maximize Your Potential
Our training philosophy is simple; provide our clients with the most effective, current, and researched training techniques in a motivating, engaging and safe training environment.

What sets us apart from other gyms?

We pay attention to age appropriate development and foundational movements to prevent injury and increase mobility.
Our programs work at a neuromuscular level, re-teaching for some how to move so that their quality of life is not only improved but maximized. This is key - we are not a one size fits all gym. Each client brings a unique set of goals and starting points and we enjoy designing the combination of movement and nutritional support that helps maximize each clients potential.
For YOUTH athletes, our program gives kids back what organized sports has taken away remedying the "overuse syndrome". Our athletes build a foundation of muscle balance and strength that will not only increase their overall performance but keep them safe and healthy while they continue to grow and develop.  

Our process

Intake & Strategy: Where you are now

Initial Assessment 
  • Functional Movement Screen

  • Accurate view of your current physical capabilities

  • What movements can you do and what should you work on improving

  • Help set parameters and benchmarks for your individual program

Program Development: Where you want to go

Individualized Program Design
  • Accounts for your individual goals and how to achieve them

  • Based on where you are today

  • Flexible as your body and/or your goals change

Implement & Maximize: Reach your goals

What your training session will consist of:

  • Dynamic warm up: Increase body temperature, muscle activation and joint mobilization in preparation for dynamic range of motion exercises

  • Corrective exercises based on previous assessments

  • Core training

  • Functional strength training 

  • Metabolic conditioning

  • Assisted flexibility training

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