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Lisa Magnuson: BA psychology, AFAA, PNL1

Lisa began teaching group exercise classes (specifically spin and Pilates) in 2002. Her love for fitness grew the more she taught and learned about the field of exercise science. She dove into the world of triathlons in 2008 and completed a half iron man that same year. She continued to teach classes over the next several years through two pregnancies and believes staying physically active while pregnant is extremely important.

After the birth of her daughters, she continued to stay active but realized she needed to adjust her diet to support her goals. At this time she started experimenting with different nutrition strategies. Over the past few years she has tried out many different types of “diets” on herself but realized the most important component of a steady weight was a healthy lifestyle. In 2017 she completed her Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification and strives to help others find balance and health through proper nutrition and exercise.

My Philosophy On Health


When it comes to weight loss and body transformation I have done it all. Half Iron man races,  crazy 2 a day work outs, stroller bootcamp, yoga, pilates, spin, heavy weight lifting, HIIT (high intensity interval training),  elimination diets, paleo diets, physique competition diets, lose two sizes jeans challenge diets.  But do you know what works?  Eating whole foods-  protein, healthy fats, carbs, and lots of veggies, limiting liquid calories and avoiding processed foods. It’s not rocket science so why, why, why is it so hard?

Usually it’s because most people don’t know how to cook or prepare the food that will make them healthy. Yes, it takes more time to cook dinner than run to McDonalds but it’s worth it. You are worth it and your family is worth it. But it takes time and practice to be able to create meals that everyone will eat and possibly even enjoy.

This is where I come to the rescue. I can help you learn new ways to think about food in all areas of your life. We can discuss shopping, label reading, organic vs regular, pantry re-organizing, prepping and preparing delicious dishes that satisfy and leave you feeling good about what you just ate or fed to your family. I’m not here to stuff kale down your throat or make you give up wine. I promise!

Favorite Foods:

Homemade pizza, any type of sweet potato dish, homegrown tomatoes, warm brownies, fresh salmon grilled by my husband, peanut butter, fresh peaches, really good coffee.

Recreational Activities:

Reading to my daughters, snuggling in bed with the family on the weekend,  anything active outside if it’s not raining, making my dog smile, reading a book or drinking  a cup of coffee uninterrupted,  making my kids laugh by being totally ridiculous.

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