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100 Most Nutritious Foods

A report came out in 2020 when a group of scientists decided to rate raw foods on their nutritional value. Unfortunately, there is not one "perfect" food that meets all of our nutritional needs (although I believe Willy Wonka was working on that... ) so we need to combine the foods on this list with one another to maximize our nutritional intake. These foods are well balanced and don't provide an insane amount of one particular nutrient so that they can be combined with others without throwing our bodies out of whack by over consuming certain vitamins, minerals, etc.

The list is comprised of many types of seafood and fish as well as nuts, seeds, vegetables, a few fruits and spices.

I'm going to list the top 10 and if you want to see the whole list of 100 just follow this link to go to the article.

SPOILER ALERT!!!! Wine and chocolate don't make the cut.

10. Snapper (fish): Nutritional score- 69

9. Beet Greens: (the top leafy parts of beets that often get tossed in the bin):

Nutritional score- 70

8. Pork fat: (WHAT??- a better source of unsaturated fat than beef or lamb)

Nutritional score- 73

7. Swiss Chard: Nutritional score- 78

6. Pumpkin Seeds: (Scoop out those jack-o-lanterns and roast some up!)

Nutritional score- 84

5. Chia Seeds: (for more than just growing hair on terracotta heads)

Nutritional Score- 85

4. Flatfish: Nutritional score- 88

3. Ocean Perch: (Rockfish- we catch these all the time BUT never eat them, I suppose we should) Nutritional score- 89

2. Cherimoya (fruit- lots of vitamins): Nutritional score- 96

1. Almonds: (mono-unsaturated fatty acids) Nutritional Score- 97

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