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12 Days of Fitmas!

We have 12 days until Christmas and this time of year our focus is often on events, gift buying and trying not to get too overwhelmed. For this specific purpose, we have decided to give you one thing each day to focus on for the next 12 days. (This is in addition to your 25 day movement/behavior focus I'm sure you are all working on).

Our hope is that this small thing you do each day will help recenter you and keep you aiming in the direction toward health and fitness and away from stress and over-indulgence. Also it can be cumulative just like the song. For example on day 1 you do one walk and on day 2 you do 1 walk and 2 sets of pushups, and on day 3 you do 1 walk, 2 sets of pushups, and 3 vegetables.... you get the point.

Here are your 12 days of Fitmas!

December 14th - Day 1: Take 1 walk

December 15th- Day 2: Do 2 sets of pushups to failure

December 16th- Day 3: Add vegetables to 3 of your meals

December 17th- Day 4: Give 4 people a compliment/or say thank you and mean it!

December 18th- Day 5: Do a total of 5 minutes of bodyweight squats (can be spread out)

December 19th- Day 6: Roll your feet for 3 minutes each foot

December 20th- Day 7: Drink 7 glasses of water

December 21st- Day 8: Get 8 hours of sleep

December 22nd- Day 9: Make a list of 9 things you are grateful for right now

December 23rd- Day 10: Spend 10 minutes breathing/meditating

December 24th- Day 11: 11 rear foot elevated split squats (or rear foot elevated RDL for less knee heavy) Tempo 3:3:3- 3 down, hold for 3, up for 3.

December 25th- Day 12: Do 12 minutes of something (walk/lunge around your house, do planks while watching movies, do calf raises while drinking eggnog) to move your body after opening presents!

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