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50 Days of Summer!

Although it's been a LONG time coming this year, summer officially kicks off today. Typically, summers in the PNW are just about perfect compared to other parts of our country, so I think we should optimize our time and get outside and have some FUN!

We've come up with 50 different activities we think are pretty awesome and are challenging you to do as many of them as possible in our short summer season.

Here's your list of summer activities:

  1. Go for a hike in the woods (3-5 miles is ideal)

  2. Ride a bike outside (either for exercise or for fun)

  3. Go kayaking

  4. Visit a beach and look for sea glass or cool rocks

  5. Eat fresh fruit from a bush or tree

  6. Visit a park and have a picnic

  7. Find a swing set and go for a swing

  8. Swim in the ocean/Puget Sound

  9. Try stand up paddle boarding (SUP)

  10. Stroll through a garden and smell the flowers

  11. Dive off a diving board or a dock

  12. Go for a boat ride

  13. Eat fresh local seafood

  14. Take a sunrise walk with a friend

  15. Stay up late, lay on a blanket outside and look at the stars

  16. Read a book by a pool or lake

  17. Make a new summer salad recipe

  18. Have a BBQ and invite some friends over

  19. Take a nap in the shade of an umbrella outside

  20. Skip rocks at the beach

  21. Build a sandcastle

  22. Eat watermelon

  23. Buy and drink lemonade from a kids stand

  24. Sit outside and listen to the trees and birds

  25. Go for a walk and wave and smile at everyone you see

  26. Find and visit a new park in your neighborhood

  27. Nap in a hammock

  28. Plant something with your bare hands and get dirt under your nails

  29. Have a hose or water gun fight

  30. Wash your own car

  31. Float on your back and focus on your breath

  32. Visit a farmer's market and buy your whole dinner there.

  33. Watch the sunset

  34. Take a sunrise hike

  35. Go to a zoo or visit a farm

  36. Volunteer in a neighborhood clean up or just go pick up trash around your own neighborhood

  37. Buy a big bouquet of fresh flowers and give them to someone you love

  38. Take fresh baked cookies or bread to a neighbor's house

  39. Find animals and shapes in the drifting clouds

  40. Play with a kid or grandkid and make them giggle hysterically

  41. Learn a good joke and tell it often

  42. Pay for someone's coffee or drink

  43. Eat all your meals one day outside only

  44. Enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea on your deck or in your backyard

  45. Go to an outdoor concert

  46. Make your own ice-cream

  47. Sleep outside one night (tent or au natural- your choice)

  48. Play yard games (badminton, croquet, bocce ball, corn hole, horseshoes, etc)

  49. Visit a museum or outdoor sculpture park

  50. Run through a sprinkler (seriously, it's still fun as an adult!)

That's it! Enjoy this particular challenge. Reconnect with your inner-child and have some fun! We all deserve a respite from the amount of seriousness of the past few years!

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