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A year ago everything changed.......

Had you asked me a year ago if I thought all of our clients would willingly transition to virtual workouts I would have laughed and said "no way." Now, a year later, many, if not all of you have worked out in your home logged onto Zoom with Myles peering through the screen guiding your training session from a safe distance.

I have listened to Myles coach all of you from our living room for an entire year. Our kids have been home for AN ENTIRE YEAR!!! Everyone has had to make sacrifices during this past year but I am so happy that our clients have valued their physical health and maintained an exercise regime throughout this time. I know you all miss the Versaclimber and battling ropes, (what? not really?) and that working out at home is not the same as working out in the gym, but you need to pat yourself on the back for trying something new AND remaining committed to your health when everything was disrupted.

Our society in general has a tendency to focus on the negative details of the day to day and fails to acknowledge the positive things that have also occurred. I want to take a moment to commend all of you for sticking with us and putting your health and wellbeing front and center during a time when negativity ran rampant. By continuing to make exercise a priority this past year, you have undoubtedly helped your mental wellbeing as well.

Moving forward from here we want to highlight some key take aways from this experience.

  1. Don't limit yourself. Putting up barriers limits your ability to try new things. Just like when Myles asks you to try a new movement or exercise during your sessions, instead of laughing or saying "I can't do that" reframe your answer to "I can try to do that". The simple shift in mindset is freeing and can lead to great results or at least in trying new things.

  2. Focus on what has gone right. What good things have come out of our pandemic year? For us, the shift to virtual training has allowed us to stay connected to our clients and also kept people consistent. Gone are the days when you could escape to your second home or go on a vacation and not train for months at a time. Zoom has allowed us to reach you EVERYWHERE!!! It's both scary and exciting.

  3. Celebrate your wins. How do you feel after a year in quarantine? it's been rough and isolating but you have made it through, stayed well and worked out the whole dang time. We think that's awesome and should be celebrated.

So kudos to you Arete Athletics family; we acknowledge your hard work and dedication to your health and celebrate you as amazing humans!

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