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Build your SKILLZ- Turkish Get Up

Oh, the movement we all love to hate. This little ditty is never a welcome addition to your workout program.

Why is that? Quite frankly - because it's so dang hard to do!

Thankfully Myles is masterful at breaking it down and making it accessible to anyone.

Whether you are a veteran Turkish "get-upper" or new to the movement, this video can help you learn to perform the exercise safely and correctly.

He breaks down the exercise into four parts and has you start by balancing a shoe on your fist before ever attempting to lift a weight. This helps you learn the correct positioning of your shoulder joint in the weight holding arm throughout all different points of the exercise, before ever complicating the movement by actually adding weight.

If you have struggled with this movement in the past, or just want to work on the skill itself, breaking it down into these easy to follow parts will help you master this exercise.

And if you are a "They Might be Giants" fan, enjoy this little ditty as well.

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