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Last year was a roaring success hosting our annual "Burn the Bird" class on Zoom. We had friends from near and far join us online for the festive fun and butt kicking workout that you have grown to love over the years. (We do modify for all levels so don't let the "butt kicking" part deter you!)

We plan to stick with the same format this year. We will hold one class on Wednesday night at 5pm and another on Thursday morning at 9am.

We invite all current clients to join us and HIGHLY encourage you to enlist family and friends to help you "celebrate" this super fun Turkey Day tradition. It is a great opportunity to burn some calories prior to indulging in the feast and it is so much fun to see new faces (or old friends) all in one place.

Email Myles at or Lisa at to sign up and we will send you a link for the class.

Price is $20/person BUT if you bring a friend/family member you both get it for $15.

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