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Clean up your "cleans"

I'll be the first one to admit that years ago when I was learning how to do a kettlebell clean my forearms ended up looking like bruised bananas. No one taught me how to do it correctly so I was just banging the s**t out of myself until it finally clicked and I figured out the "twist" instead of the "flop and bang". Don't make the same mistake I did. In the video this week, Myles coaches you on how to properly clean a kettlebell and resistance band so everyone can do it correctly without the bruised arms or egos.

It is a little tricky so I recommend you try it slowly with a light kettlebell until you get the movement down and then increase your load. Cleans are an amazingly effective exercise and can be paired with many other movements to make a more complex series of movements. They build strength, power and cardiovascular health making them super-efficient and effective exercises to add to your training playbook. BUT- you have to do them right or your forearms will suffer the consequences.

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