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Humble Pie- Random Workouts Don't "work"

Sometimes listening and being open to learning from your life partner is not as easy as it would seem. It's taken me MANY years to admit that Myles is right- about ONE thing. Let's not get crazy here, sheesh.

I come from a background of group exercise and for a majority of my teaching career, believed that burning as many calories as possible, as often as possible was the surest way to get fit and trim. BUT, it turns out this is not the best way, or even a healthy approach to fitness.

Programming is so much more important then I had even thought possible. And good programming includes mobility work and recovery work (if that's an oxymoron, I apologize).

My point is, just getting a workout in and burning some calories is not really helping you meet your goals. You need to have a plan and execute your plan to achieve your goals, just like in any other aspect of your life.

Arbitrary workouts make us feel good; like we are doing something rather than nothing, to stay fit and active. But in reality, they aren't that helpful. It would be 100 times more helpful to follow a prescribed plan to reach your fitness goals.

I know if we all really stop to think about this, it makes sense. As much as I loved teaching a kick ass cycling class, it wasn't really helping me get to where I wanted to be. I got sweaty, I felt good, and it helped with my aerobic capacity, beyond that, I was literally just spinning my wheels.

It wasn't until I got off the bike and started working out at home with surprisingly simple equipment, that my body changed and I finally gained the muscle and definition I wanted all along. I followed a program (that Myles uses in his Executive Fitness Classes) and taught that same class program to my clients. I learned how to move better and viola - things changed for the better.

Did Myles tell me for YEARS that I need to cycle less, recover more and use programmed resistance training as my main form of exercise? Yes, yes he did. Did I listen? NOPE. Not until the world shut down and I was forced to do it.

So learn from my mistake and share a piece of my humble pie, he actually knows what he is talking about.

I know, right?

I read an article this past weekend that goes into much further detail about why simply working out for the sake of it, might be counter productive. It's a good read if you're up for it. Why Workouts Don't Work for Health and Longevity

Otherwise, you can just trust me and know that admitting my stubborn lack of belief in my husband was foolhardy. But I'm right 99% of the time so he can have his 1%.

Myles spends hours programming for all his clients. He is always trying to keep things fresh (nothing is worse than a boring workout) without sacrificing the solid principles of quality program design. So rest assured, if you are one of our clients, you are not "wasting" your time or energy on workouts that lack purpose. Everything you are doing was specifically chosen by Myles (or myself) to lead you to where you want to be, physically speaking.

And we love to hear from you. If you have new goals, or a race or event you want to train for, please reach out to us so we can adjust your program design to reflect what you are aiming for. If you find yourself doing some "random" workouts during the week and would like more support from us, but don't want to add more "in person/zoom" training sessions, we can discuss a plan to create programming you can do on your time. (We have an app for that!)

We are here to help- always. Just ask us!

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