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Labor Day Outdoor Workout

Before the weather keeps us cooped up indoors again, take your workouts outside and enjoy some of the fall warmth. Myles has put together a short, easy to follow, circuit for you to do today if you have some extra time to kill and want to "labor" your body a bit.

Here is the exercise breakdown.

  1. Banded 1.5 squats (8-15 reps)

  2. Banded split stance Single arm chest press (8-15 reps per arm)

  3. Banded 1.5 split squat (8-15 reps per leg)

  4. Banded split stance Single Arm Row (10-17 reps per arm- 2 more than whatever press)

  5. Core Drill:Tall plank body saw with shoulder tap (8-15)

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