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Master the Push Up- on your toes, not your knees!

We have wrapped up our segments on joint mobility and are going to break down some of the most fundamental movements we use in your exercise programming. This week we begin with the push up. Mastering the push up does take some practice, it isn't as intuitive as you may think. Having spent countless hours in big box gym weight rooms, I have seen every form of attempted pushup people can devise. Some of my favorites are; the speedy and spastic 1 inch push up at the top of the movement, the "belly hitting the ground first" pushup (think cat/cow but in a plank), and the butt in the air super speedy downward dog pushup.

These are entertaining to watch but can wreak havoc on your spine if you aren't careful.

Today we break down the pushup and modify the movement so ANYONE can do a solid form pushup from their feet. Watch the video to see how Myles coaches Anya on her push up progression. She starts with her hands on a high bench and progressively decreases the angle of her pushup until she is close the ground doing it on her feet still, not her knees.

Here are some key take-a-ways on correct form:

  1. Stiffen/tighten your legs, midsection and hips/butt

  2. Grab the floor or bench and pull yourself toward the ground

  3. Elbow aim more towards your ribs then wing out to the side (no chicken wings)

  4. Pack your neck, don't drop your head

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