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Nasal Breathing 2.0

This week we are working on nasal breathing again but shift our focus to movements pushing more aerobic (oxidative) threshold and working into anaerobic lactic (glycolytic) energy system.

Things to focus on

1) Nasal Breathing

2) Hips and torso position (pack your canister)

3) Have fun and don’t take yourself so seriously

Watch the video to see what the movements are supposed to look like and then complete the cycle at least three times. If it is easy for you, increase your tempo or your work duration; if you have to break into mouth breathing let your nasal breathing act as your brake pedal. In other words, if you are pushing too hard, back off and stick with the nasal breathing to achieve the desired effect.

Cycle :30 on :10 off (if easy :40 on :10 off and increase tempo)

1- mini hops aka poor man jumping rope

2- inchworms both ways

3- up-tall marching contralateral

4- low bear crawling forward and backward

5- 1.5 body weight squats

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