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Our resolution is to not make resolutions!

I bet you didn't expect to hear from your trainer and nutrition coach to avoid setting a resolution. Well both Lisa and I are kind of “anti-resolution”. Why? How many times have you reached December and thought- “Phew, I really nailed that resolution I made back in January?” Really? Not often, or ever? That’s weird. Actually, it’s not weird, because the way to make a real lasting change is not by announcing you are going to finally lose those 20 pounds or promise yourself to stop eating all processed food forever. You have to make small incremental habit changes over time and stay consistent with those habits and then the magic happens. For the month of January, we will be offering some small steps everyone can take to increase their success in either fitness or nutritional endeavors over the next year. Each week we will have a small, easy habit for you to add into your day- everyday- and as the weeks go on you’ll notice a change in how your body is performing. Go ahead, dive into the new year with good intentions and try your best, but give yourself grace when you screw up too. It’s a winding road, not a straight line to your goal, but creating habits that support your health is the easiest way to a better you!

The goal by adding in new mini habits each week is that they just become part of your natural routine as you see and feel the benefit of each one. By taking less than five minutes a day you will develop a great skill set in addressing and correcting a lot of your body’s aches and pains.

Week one is not a huge ask as it’s something I’ve been promoting for the last two decades I've been training people. This is not some magic pill that will take 20 pounds off your body or increase your muscle mass, but will often make your body feel a lot better after the fact. ROLL YOUR FEET DAILY…

Watch the short video since it goes over a few ways to roll your feet. There are many methods of doing this so you don’t need to do it exactly as I suggest, the goal is to “just do it”.

Here are a few benefits of rolling your feet:

· Increase peripheral blood flow

· Increase soft tissue pliability and helps restore resting length

· Restore motion in your feet

· Decreases hamstring tension (shared facial chain)

· Decreases low back discomfort

· Can help improve standing posture (better foot motion helps restores body alignment)

· Increases your foot's proprioception and function. (wakes up your feet)

· Can help with headache relief and decrease blood pressure (linked studies with 10 minute foot massage)

· Just makes you feel better. Duh…

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