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Practicing Gratitude

Around this time of year things get a little crazy. I swear that when I'm out and about shopping for groceries or perusing a store, people have a half-crazed look in their eyes with a laser focus on whatever it is they are pursuing at that moment; be it a frozen turkey or Airpods for their nephew. Manners get scattered in their wake and the "it's all about me" mentality comes through loud and clear. Why does this happen? Why do we get so frazzled that we lose our sense of decency or the ability to thank the grocery bagger and wish them a good day? During this holiday hubbub, I try to encourage myself and my family to increase our practice of gratitude and our ability to give grace to others. So what if that guy in the sports car cut you off, just let it go, no need to honk. Practicing gratitude is a proven technique to lower blood pressure and increase your own sense of well-being. It even extends to others watching two people engaged in a moment of gratitude. So when you take time to warmly thank the grocery bagger, ask him how his day is going and then wish him a good day, not only do you and the grocery bagger feel better, but the person behind you in line witnessing the exchange feels better too. It's that easy! Some people keep a gratitude journal and write down one or two things everyday that they are grateful for or things that made them happy. It can be simple things like, walking my dog and the sun came out, or more profound things like I found out my cancer is in remission- it doesn't matter how big or small, it only matters that you recognize the moment and the feeling and write it down. Countless studies on gratitude practice have been conducted and they all point to a positive return on your very small investment. It's Giving Tuesday today so I thought this was an appropriate topic for discussion. Last week we raised over $1000 for Make a Wish from the generous donations of our clients and friends that participated in our Burn the Bird workout on Thanksgiving. Raising that money made me feel SOOOO good. But we couldn't have done it without your donations- so from the bottom of our hearts- THANK YOU! If you weren't able to donate but would like to, here is the direct link. We don't tell you all enough how much you mean to us. Your support over the many years we have known (most of you) is honestly humbling. Our client family has allowed us to create a successful business from scratch, stuck with us as we moved to a new town and started over, and has been an emotional support system when we have struggled with Elin's health issues. We are truly blessed to have you all in our lives. Now, go out there and spread kindness and joy, or at the very least just don't honk at the a-holes or push old ladies out of your way at the supermarket. Practice gratitude everyday and see the good in all you already have.

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