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Ready for a Challenge?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

The other day, as I was typing out home training programs for my clients, I was constantly being distracted by the news, emails, and phone calls of either people cancelling appointments or friends calling stressed out.  I had a very hard time focusing on any task I was trying to accomplish- sound familiar?   My day was not productive at all, I had slept terribly, and I felt like I was becoming a hypochondriac over-analyzing every small possible symptom that must be related to COVID-19.

Then it hit me at 4am in the morning. (No- not the virus)

This is all too familiar for me and my family.  It is what we deal with on a daily basis but it took me a moment to recognize it because it was presenting in an entirely different manner than I am use to. What hit me was I’ve been preparing for this type of event over the last eight years.  Chaos…  You see, Lisa and I have developed a strong set of skills dealing with chaos, uncertainty and disappointment.  This is our “normal” as bizarre as that seems. We have adapted to this environment and developed strategies that help us stay sane and healthy when the rule book gets thrown out the window.  It just took a pandemic for me to have this epiphany (give me a break I’m a personal trainer) and how WE can really help each of you.

We all train for slightly different reasons, but one constant is to build a robust physiological system that's capable of handling an insult. COVID-19 is a major insult.

With this in mind, we want to share some of our ‘hard knocks” knowledge to help our community of family, friends and clients deal with all of this unpredictability and daily chaos.  We will start by launching wellness challenges to help you all build a more robust, resilient, and anti-fragile self.

These wellness challenges will help you build a broader foundation of skills to mentally and physically take charge of this new and ever-changing environment.  This involves very simple but highly overlooked patterns we do daily.  Breathing, hydration, nutrition, sleeping, self-reflection, mental breaks, and focusing on positive events are just a few of the areas we aim to address with these challenges.

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