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Settling in and feeling grateful

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

We did it! After months of searching for the right home, weeks of prepping for the sale of our Newcastle house, and days of packing, we have arrived at our new home. Here are a couple of quick takeaways from this whole experience.

  1. Never give up on what will make you happy.

  2. Big changes are scary and unsettling.

  3. Don't get discouraged if everything doesn't line up perfectly right at first, eventually it all works out. (Even though when people give you that advice and you haven't had any success in a while you kind of want to punch them in the face!)

  4. You can accumulate a lot of stuff in even a small home over 13 years time.

  5. Moving is emotionally and physically exhausting- seriously!

  6. All the support from clients, friends, and family has helped us make it through this process.


I'm not gonna lie, I still have to use Google maps to figure out how to get to the grocery store or drive to my in-law's house 10 minutes away, but it's a fun new adventure. The kids are doing great. Anya, Elin and I took our first neighborhood walk yesterday and we pet horses, saw multiple deer with adorable fauns, and two big bucks. Our route took us down to the beach road and we both commented on how we felt like we were in the San Juans (which are a favorite place of ours). The views were beautiful and the roads were quiet. It was peaceful and thrilling all at the same time.

We have a lot left to do but our house is starting to come together thanks mainly to both sets of our parents pitching in to help with the move and watching the kids while we get stuff done. Myles and I didn't take a day off work, but probably should have given our level of fatigue now. Lesson learned.

Thank you all for encouraging us to go after this dream. It really is amazing down here!

I took this video on Saturday night; our first day of living here.

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