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Shout out to clients' successes in 2021

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Last week we asked for your success stories or possible blunders over the past year. Most of you don't like to brag about yourselves, so we decided we would do the bragging for you.

We notice when you do great things, you don't have to tell us. So here is the client shout out for 2021. If you feel that you deserve to be on this list, perhaps you should let us know about your awesomeness and we will add you to this post.

  • Carrie D.- Had her best overall training attendance in December in a decade and added in treadmill walking to her routine (which she has been meaning to do for years!)

  • Kirstin S.- Completed a 100 mile bike ride for MS and was still smiling when she crossed the finish line despite her face being splattered with mud.

  • Cate L.- Her 3A HS girls soccer team won state and she had the deciding goal in the game.

  • Kostas M.- Back up on the hill skiing after achilles tendon surgery.

  • 6 am Executive Fitness class/Lisa's Sanity Sweat crew- for staying consistent and now being able to do loaded full spicy legs. Whoop!

  • Christos G.- Thawed out his "frozen" shoulder with continuous range of motion work.

  • Gary and Debbie T.- Gary bouncing back from a major illness to be as strong as ever and tying the knot with his training partner.

  • Cory M.-Winning multiple golf tournaments.

  • To all the clients that are now living in new zip codes and training with us despite not living in WA.

  • To all clients that have zoomed in for a workout while on vacation!

  • To all clients that actually do their recorded workout on their own time.

We appreciate all of you and hope 2022 brings good health and continued success!

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