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Sit up straight and FIDGET!!!

What? Fidget? Didn't every teacher you ever had tell you to sit still and pay attention? Don't gnaw on your pencil, shake your leg, or wiggle around in your seat. Well guess what, those teachers were wrong when it comes to the benefits of fidgeting.

People aren't meant to sit for long periods of time, our bodies were not designed to do this. So no wonder when you have sit at your desk for 8-10 hours a day you feel drained and achy. Recently there have been some improvements in the area of "seated work stations" - otherwise known as desks. We now have options like standing desks, sitting on stability balls or wiggle chairs and even treadmill desks. Many of us are working from home and have been forced to rethink how we approach our work day. Should I stand at the kitchen counter and type my emails? Could I take my calls while I go for a walk? Do I have to even wear pants? (Please do!)

Last week we highlighted the many benefits of walking however some days we just don't have time to get that walk or two in for whatever reason. On these, or any days really, you can use fidgeting as a way to burn a couple extra calories and help cue your body to adjust and move positions. Have a ball under your desk to roll underfoot, try sitting on the floor in different positions, or stand up and balance on one leg while you return emails. All of these activities no matter how small can have a cumulative effect on how well you position yourself throughout your day. So now if anyone tells you to sit still you have my premission to fidget all you want!

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