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What goes up, must come down

Getting up from the floor can be challenging for many of us. The range of motion you have to put your hips, knees and ankles through to sit down on the floor and get up off the floor is quite extreme. So it's no wonder we struggle with this seemingly easy movement more and more as we age. If our range of motion has decreased with age in any of these joints our ability to agilely get down on the floor vanishes as well. You end up looking more like Frankenstein trying to bend his knees then the youthful child that simply plops down without a second thought.

Enter spiraling.

Many of you may have experienced some part of this exercise in your warmups with Myles already. We wanted to take a moment to explain why he is having you do these 90/90 sits and stands.

By moving your body through this plane of motion you are spiraling up from a seated position which decreases the range of motion that is normally required to just stand up from sitting on the floor. By spiraling up or down you allow your body to travel in a gentler manner from seated to standing, or standing to seated and it's in essence easier on your joints.

Please watch the brief video to see how Myles has you perform the exercise and then give it a try yourself. I think you may want to incorporate this method into your daily routine if you need to get from the floor to standing or vice versa very often.

Additionally, this movement flow can be used as a tool to highlight joint range of motion issues. In other words, if a particular piece of the spiraling movement is challenging for you, that is letting you know you may have a limitation in the joint which is why it is not moving as fluidly as the others. You can take this knowledge, and work on "break out" drills to help increase the range of motion in that particular joint. Just imagine the abundance of opportunities to make yourself a better mover!

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