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Squat Like You Mean It!

If you struggle with squatting, you are in good company. The squat is a fundamental movement that enlists many joints to make it happen. You need to have flexibility in your ankles, knees and hips in order to properly execute a squat.

This week Myles helps you get deeper into your squat by taking you through a breakout exercise aimed to increase some flexibility in your hips. Here is the breakdown of what he has you do to improve your squat if your hips are a limiting factor in your squat depth.

Step 1: Do 8-10 bodyweight squats

Step 2. Laying prone, complete 10 frog pumps with a isometric 10 sec hold on the last rep

Step 3: Laying prone, complete 10 hip internal rotations from your frog position with a 10 sec isometric hold on the last rep. Repeat with the other leg.

Step 4: Perform 8-10 bodyweight squats again and assess whether your squat mechanics have improved or stayed the same.

If you see or feel improvement in your squat then this will be a good exercise for you to practice to improve your squat mechanics. If after doing this breakout exercise your squat does not change, perhaps your hips are not a limiting factor, but instead we should focus on your ankles or knees.

Watch the video to get a better idea about correct positioning while doing the breakout exercises and give it a try. Perhaps this will help you reach new "depths" in your relationship with your squat.

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