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The Importance of Warming Up

Whether you are heading out for a couple hours on the golf course or hitting the slopes for some turns, warming up is not something most of us think about doing prior to our activity. However, we all warm up before we work out. You wouldn't go straight into lifting heavy weights or sprinting around a track without first doing some movement prep exercises or easy laps.

So why don't we warm up before we do other physical activities that fall into the "hobby" category more than the "workout" category? The truth is we should complete some movement prep exercises before we swing a tennis racket or a golf club. You are putting a lot of force through your joints when you play these games and without proper prep, your muscles and joints may take the brunt of your "jump right in cold" mentality.

Do your body a favor and tell it what is about to happen. Just like how you give your toddler a five-minute warning before you transition activities, you need to warn your body it's about to go from being sedentary to ballistic.

Myles has made an easy-to-follow warmup video this week. You don't need to do all 20 minutes prior to your activity but even doing 5 minutes will help prep your body by getting your blood pumping and stimulating your nervous system. Static stretching and movement prep are NOT the same thing. Doing a couple stretches prior to an activity is OK, but it is not nearly as beneficial as doing more of a dynamic stretching and warm up routine.

You will be able to enjoy your day on the course, the courts, or the hill much more if your body feels prepped and ready for the "fun" you are about to engage in.

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