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The Shoulder is the Burden....

There is an epidemic of cranky shoulders and we want to help! Here is a quick video where Myles does a shoulder flexion and rotation assessment on me. He wants everyone to know how important it is to have a firm understanding about where their shoulder movement is coming from and how you can take better care of this persnickety joint. The better you know your body and what makes it move efficiently and within a pain-free range of motion the more likely you are to see the results you desire from your workouts and avoid aches and pains.

Do this assessment on yourself- see where your limitations are and ask Myles or I what you can do to help increase that range or even out your right and left sides. Next week we have a short video that addresses one part of this, but for now if you have questions after testing yourself ask away. (But I can't promise that Myles won't go off on a 10-minute spiel about everything to do with shoulders, and cannisters, and knitting- seemingly unrelated but he can tie them all together given enough time!)

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