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Ugh- My Aching Back!

It happens to all of us. You wake up in the morning and your back just doesn't feel right. It's tight, sore, or achy and you aren't quite sure what caused the problem or exactly what to do to fix it.

Commonly, we will think, "I'll stretch my back because it feels tight and I'm sure that will help." NO!!!!! This is what you DON'T want to do.

Myles has made a quick 2 min video to show you how to best address an achy back and how to make it feel better, not necessarily fix it, but at least make it manageable for the day ahead.

The trick is starting with a psoas (pronounced SO-AS) smash, move into a quad stretch and finish it off with a brisk walk to organize your tissue. If you don't know what those things mean, watch the video to have Myles explain the sequence in a little more detail with pictures for you visual learners!

(And yes, I will work on Myles's "enthusiasm" when recording videos- Eeyore no more!)

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