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Wellness Challenge #10- Slow down to lose weight

This week we are going to challenge you to do something that in theory is very easy.


That’s it. Just slow down, remove distractions from your table and take your time to eat your meals.

Eating slowly and mindfully can actually be more important than:

· what you eat

· when you eat

· getting anything else “perfect”

Now, this may seem a bit controversial. After all, if you only eat Oreos, the speed at which you consume them isn’t your biggest problem.

But setting aside the extremes, slow eating may be the single most powerful habit for driving major transformation.

Here are some reasons to try this:

· Eat less without feeling deprived.

· Look and feel better.

· Learn what “hungry” and “full” feel like.

· Disrupt patterns that derail your progress.

· Gain a tool you can use anytime, anywhere.

Please read this article from Precision Nutrition to dive deeper into why this may be the simplest and most effective way to lose weight. 

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