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Wellness Challenge #12- Take time to reflect

This week brings us to 3 entire months of Wellness Challenges under our belts. It is time to take a moment and reflect about what has (and hasn’t) happened over the past three months.

As we all start heading back into the world, many things have changed.  Being home for an extended period of time has had profound effects on many of us. We have shifted to working from home, schooling from home, working out at home, and foregoing many of the normal activities we usually enjoy.

So before we all head back to the way things use to be, let’s take a moment to reflect on what we have gained or lost during these past three months.

Personally, I have been able to be home with my family more during this time than ever before. It hasn’t been without its challenges; however the resulting family bonding that has occurred has been a wonderful side effect.  I’ve changed the focus of my workout routine to more mobility and metabolic and much less strength work. My body composition has shifted  but I feel really good. I have more time to get projects done and check things off my lists since I’m not driving anywhere. Of course transitioning the business to Zoom and now trying to figure out how to transition it back to the studio has been stressful, but overall my stress levels have been lower during the past 3 months.

So this week, we challenge you to take stock of what has changed for you both positively and maybe negatively. Try not to judge your list and just write down what you’ve gained over Covid-19’s isolationism and perhaps what you are looking forward to when you get to re-enter society.

Finally, I want to reiterate how fortunate I feel to have such an awesome group of clients. Many of you have seamlessly transitioned to training online with me and helped to keep my business running and my family housed! You are all very appreciated by both Lisa and I.

In health,


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