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Wellness Challenge #13- 5 Minute Mobility Break

This week's challenge is pretty simple, you'll have one movement that you will perform for 5 continuous minutes once a day.  If there is a right and left side to the movement you'll go for two and half minutes per side.  If you find that the movement makes you feel really good maybe you'll add it to the following day as well as an add on.

Monday's Movement- Rock Backs with Rotations 2.5 minutes per side

Tuesday's Movement  Down Dog to Rainbow Reach 2.5 minutes per side

Wednesday's Movement  90 90 Shin Box Switch

Thursday's Movement  Couch Stretch  2.5 minutes per side

Friday's Movement  5 Step Squats if you have trouble continuing for all the time just hold a squat.

Saturday's Movement  Down Dog Groiner with Rotation 2.5 minutes per side

Sunday's Movement  Wrist Mobility Drills.  Just go through each step for 15-30 reps pausing at your end range of motion.


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