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Wellness Challenge #15- Share your Insight

Since it’s a holiday week we have decided to let you off the hook as far physical or nutritional challenges go. We would however like to hear from you. We would love for all of you to share with us some insight, experience, funny observation, or simple wisdom you have acquired during these last 3 months of isolation, quarantine and general weirdness. We will post your responses on the FB Arete page and can make the response anonymous if you prefer not to be named.

For example, finish the sentence. “I have survived Covid-19 by   ___________.

Or “One thing I learned about myself during this time is   ___________.

Or “If I could do 1 thing like I used to before all the quarantine rules I would _________.

Here are ours.

“Before Covid if someone would have asked me if I wanted Corona I would have said yes!” Lisa

“Homeschooling kids is easy… said no one…. ever!” Lisa

“Range of motion.” Anya

“I would have started training clients online years ago if I had known how easy it was to mute their complaints!” Myles 

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