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Wellness Challenge #16- Challenge your Iso

This week we want you to get out of your comfort zone yet again.  You can choose one (or more) of these three isometric holds to work on this week.  When you are warmed up go ahead and time yourself holding a squat, half-way down push up, or single leg rear foot elevated split squat.  The time will stop when you begin to lose your form and can no longer hold the position without "breaking". Repeat this everyday.  By day 7 you should be able to hold that position(s) for longer than you did the first day.  Watch the video for quick visual instructions on the positions.  Here are some of the responses we received from ya'll from last week's challenge.  I survived COVID-19 by..... 1. "Being forced to be closed in with people you love makes you love them more."  2. "Watching Trump's approval numbers go into the toilet" 3. "Cooking meals at home. I gained 0.5 oz over what I weighed when I left for Europe 2 years ago" 4. In response to my quote "I would have started  training clients online years ago if I had known how easy it was to mute their complaints." The client said "Then what would we talk about?" 


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