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Wellness Challenge #22- Take some time for R&R

To start, we would like you to reflect on the last three weeks of behavior modifications in developing your WWS foundation.  Was it a challenge?  Which was the hardest part (the water intake, increasing your walking, or getting more sleep?)  What strategies did you implement to move forward?  If it was easy for you then big high five and pat yourself on the back because you are an outlier.  Most of us find behavior modification to be tricky and challenging.   So what’s this R & R we mentioned in the title have to do with laying down a foundation for fat loss? Well first off the R & R we are talking about isn’t “Rest and Relaxation”.  Don’t be totally disappointed yet though.  We are referring to “Reconnecting and Rejuvenating”.  For our family these are our quick wins, kind of like mini-breaks from the go, go, go that we all get sucked into.  By taking these breaks it helps us refocus on the big picture and our broader goal of balanced wellness. During these uncertain times where we are all in some sort of self-imposed isolation it is extremely important to stay connected with the people that boost you up.  This may take some effort and planning to do safely but the positive impact you will receive from it will fuel you for weeks.  Even if you are “stuck” with your family day in and day out right now, really connecting with them is important.  Often getting out of the house is the best way to move everyone into neutral territory and loosen up the typical household roles we all play. This could be as simple as going on a walk together or as adventurous as finding a safe place to spend a weekend away together. Rejuvenation can take many forms. The typical definition is to restore something to its condition when new, or make it more vigorous, dynamic and effective. For us, this past weekend we spent time as a family on a boat in the San Juan Islands immersed in nature.  Lisa and I went for runs on the islands and both remarked how it felt like it “fed our souls” to be out running through the woods in our most favorite outdoor space.  I fished with Anya and connected with her through a recently discovered (and very exciting for me) shared recreational interest. Elin expressed absolute bliss while riding in the dingy at super fast speeds with the wind whipping her face.  All of us feel restored from our weekend away.

So basically what I’m asking you to focus on this week is to take time to assess who and what brings you joy.  From there, make plans and see those people (if you can) and do those activities or visit those places that make you feel whole.  It’s time to “fed your souls” and prioritize your happiness even during a pandemic!  

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