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Wellness Challenge #23- Why Fat Loss Hacks are a Hack

We all want the fastest and easiest way to do just about everything. That is precisely why the invention of ‘hacks” has become so popular. The problem is some things just aren’t “hackable.” Take fat loss for example; doesn’t a 30-day fat loss plan guaranteed to help you lose 10-20lbs without giving up everything you love to eat sound like a dream? Wait- there are millions of these kinds of plans promising amazing results circulated through every type of media. Did you ever ask yourself why there are so many? Perhaps the answer is because they don’t work, or they do work for a little awhile but then the person gains the weight back and they have to try a different diet hack.

I wish I could tell you that these magic plans work well and you all should try them. But unfortunately that’s not the case.

Most “diet hacks,” “fast fixes,” and “easy solutions” make fat loss even harder than it needs to be. 

These approaches often promote overly restrictive and unnecessary rules that:

· eliminate carbs or sugar

· demonize fat or meat (ethical reasons aside)

· moralize food choices (implying there’s a “right” and “wrong” way to eat)

· encourage or require dietary perfection

· emphasize what’s theoretically optimal over what’s truly practical (and may advise supplements or “superfoods” as necessary components)

This isn’t to suggest food and exercise choices don’t matter. But rather to say: Compared to most fat loss hacks, you can enjoy greater flexibility in what you eat and how you exercise—and still get the lasting results you want.

Instead of eliminating “bad” foods we suggest you add in “good” foods that will in time crowd out the less healthy choices.

For example, instead of cutting all carbs, just decide to add in two servings of vegetables a day. You will be fuller and in turn eat less of the foods you are trying to avoid. Adding is easier than subtracting- both physically and psychologically.

Here is a fantastic article with awesome infographics by Precision Nutrition delving much deeper into this topic if it interests you.

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