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Wellness Challenge #27- Protein snacks for on the go

With everyone home all day everyday having quality snacks on hand that are easy and accessible is key. One of my major pet peeves is cleaning the kitchen up all day long after the other family members ransack it over and over again. One way I eliminate the mess making is by prepping snacks for everyone to have on hand. It is important to have some protein when you think about choosing your snack. Crackers, chips, or just a piece of fruit won’t keep you full for very long. However if you combine those foods with a protein – for example, crackers and hummus or cheese or fruit with cottage cheese or yogurt your snack will sustain you for the hour(s) you need it to.

Common go to’s in our house are:

  • Hummus and cut veggies: Only prep for this is cutting veggies ahead of time so they are easy to grab (we like carrots, bell peppers and cucumbers)

  • Cottage cheese and fruit with a little granola: Having some cut fruit in the fridge makes this a snap. Or simply adding frozen blueberries is a great delicious treat.

  • Energy balls: This takes a bit more prep but once you make a batch they last for several days in the fridge and can be frozen and taken out later if you want.

I have included some of my favorite recipes as well as this article that highlights 30 high protein snacks that are portable and easy.

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