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Wellness Challenge #7- Morning Routine- System Reboot

Over the past 6 weeks we have had to abandon our normal routines and daily schedules. This disruption has interfered with how we structure our days and organize our time. Before COVID-19 we had a system that helped us organize our days, now that system is broken.

This week we want to encourage everyone to reboot their system. The easiest way to do this is to create an anchor habit that you do each day. This habit will help you start your day the same and will hopefully propel you into making healthy decisions throughout the rest of your day.

We have put together a movement based morning routine. This is not meant to be a workout- simply a way to get your body to wake up and help you set a “healthy” intention to facilitate a positive mindset.

As we look ahead at another month of quarantine we need to stay focused on our physical health AND our mental health. By starting your day with an anchor habit that helps you feel you have made a positive start to each day it will be easier to keep yourself on track to making other healthy decisions throughout your day. 

Here is a video sampling of one of my routines.  Morning Mobility Routine

Movement Breakdowns

All movements 5-10 repetitions

1) Neck lateral flexion

2) Neck flexion/extension

3) Neck Rotations

4) Shoulder circles

5) Arm circles

6) Cat/Cow

7) Child’s Pose Reset Breathing

8) Down Dog Alt Heel Drives

9) 4-Point Hip Circles

10) Down Dog w/ World’s Greatest

11) Toe Grab Squats

12) Cold Plunge

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