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Wellness Challenge #9- Mini-workouts

This week we want to challenge you to move more throughout your day. We have a different movement for you to focus on each day this week.

· Monday: Squats (100 reps)

· Tuesday: Squat Jumps (100 reps)

· Wednesday: Pushups (50 reps)

· Thursday: Mountain Climbers  (100 reps)

· Friday: Good Mornings (Deadlift hinge) (100 reps)

· Saturday: Hinge Jumps (100 reps)

· Sunday: Hollow Body for time (4 min cumulative)

The idea is that you break up these movements into small chunks and accumulate reps throughout your day. We have the goal numbers set for you. However if you get more than the goal number we would like you to email us your end of day tally so we can email out the results to everyone. This is your time to shine over-achievers! One caveat is you cannot count the reps you do of the exercise of the day during your workout that day. These have to be separate from your workout reps.

I made a quick video that shows you exactly what the exercises are so you can do them correctly.

Have fun with this and let us know if you get more then the goal number for the day so we can give you some extra props!

Stay Safe

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