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Wellness Walking

"Walk it off" has so many different iterations. You can walk for exercise, recovery, or as a means from point A to point B. Today we are talking about walking in terms of how it can boost recovery as well as help your body feel better in general.

Walk yourself like you would walk your dog is the best way to approach this idea. You know your young healthy dog needs to get several walks a day to move his body and keep him out of trouble when he is sedentary in the house. Your body is the same- it needs to accumulate movement throughout the day. For some of us, we do a hard workout in the morning and then sit the rest of the day. Or others, we go to work, sit, go home, workout and then sit some more. Our body appreciates our 1 hour bursts of energy expenditures but it also craves recovery movement. Taking two 20 min walks a day or a longer walk if you have the time so beneficial to your overall health. Of course you won't be able to get them in everyday, but the more you make it a priority the more likely you will feel better recovered before your next hard workout session. The only way you will be able to tell if walking works for you is to try it several weeks and see how you feel before and after your normal training sessions. I guarentee you will find it is a beneficial tool to add to your recovery and overall wellness routine.

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