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While the Cat's Away......

For a majority of last week we were out of town. Both girls had a week off school for spring break and it was our first "real" vacation in more than two years. With all the wonderful advantages transitioning a majority of client training to a virtual platform has afforded us, the one drawback has been how to unplug from it. Ever since going virtual, Myles's ability to take his work and clients with him wherever he may roam has, at times, been an added bonus. For those long summer weekends when we want to leave on a Thursday for a cabin weekend, Myles has been able to pack up his laptop, tripod and earbuds, make a hotspot and join us on our long weekend adventure. This has been awesome in some regards, like missing the big busy traffic jams of Friday afternoon and having the whole family carpooling together as opposed to taking two cars. The downside of course is that he is still working on Friday- he isn't taking the day off like the rest of us. Myles is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. Seriously. Convincing him to take time off (even just one day) is not a battle easily won. Suffice it to say, our four days in Palm Springs with no work calls or training hours to log into was overdue and much appreciated by his family. Prior to leaving, Myles spent many hours compiling videos and tutorials for his clients to access during his 4 day break. There was NO WAY he would leave his clients high and dry with no training material to lean on while he sat poolside drinking.... water (spiked with bourbon). Myles's instructions were clear. Use your usual training hour to spend time working on the exercise circuit videos and training techniques he sent so you can get some movement in and also keep a baseline of training support. So now, we get to check in with you all and see how well you did while the cat was away. For the DOERS: Did you follow through and do some work? How did it go? If you did do the work, how did you feel about yourself after it was finished? Were you proud of yourself for showing up and putting the work in, even though your trainer was not there to hold you accountable? Was it useful to you? For the SKIPPERS: If you didn't do anything last week, what was your reasoning for skipping the session(s)? Did it not feel as important to you since it was pre-recorded? What got in your way of training in a different mode than a normal session? How do you feel about that decision now that you are back to live/zoom sessions this week? I'm not asking these questions to upset anyone or to shame those who decided to skip. I think it is important to analyze our decisions on an ongoing basis to gain self-awareness and also as an opportunity for you to provide feedback, so we can help support you moving forward. I know it's harder to motivate yourself when you don't have a trainer there to push you through. However, growing these skills to build that intrinsic motivation will serve you in many other aspects of your life, not just your fitness program. I do hope you all found some success with the content Myles sent you and if not this time, maybe next time you will!


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