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Your Hips Don't Lie

Put simply, you know you have tight hips if you feel restricted in motions you want or need to do in your daily life. If you dread having to stoop down to pick something up off the floor, or crawl under your desk to plug in your computer, then you probably have tight hips.

There are some simple “standards” you can use to assess whether you have tight hips. Like are you able to touch your toes with your knees straight? Or can you step forward 3 feet into a lunge and keep your body upright? These can be good tests but they’re arbitrary.

A better, more individualized, answer to that question involves looking at how you feel and move during your day. For example, how do your hips feel when you squat up and down, kneel, and twist when you do your chores around your house? Or is there anything holding you back in your hobbies and physical activities you like to do?

If you approach it this way, you can find out if it is your hip mobility preventing you from enjoying how you use your body in your life. And with those specific activities in mind, it’s easier to know what exercises you may need to add into your routine to fix them. I made a video with a few drills you can add to your list of mobility exercises to increase your hip suppleness.

Check out this article if you want more ideas on how to increase you hip mobility.

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