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Your Wordle Workout

How can we make your day even more fun? What if we were able to help you complete your Wordle puzzle faster everyday? All it takes is the proper motivation and a little blood pumping through your body to get your brain fired up.

So instead of sitting around (like we already do WAY too much of) and doing your daily Wordle, how about we add some easy to follow guidelines to turn Wordle into a movement game? I swear it will be fun!

Here are the Rules:

  • Every column corresponds to an exercise set

  • Column 1 (first letter) = 20 squats

  • Column 2 (second letter) = 20 pushups

  • Column 3 (third letter) = 20 lunges (10 each leg)

  • Column 4 (4th letter) = 20 hinge jumps

  • Column 5 (last letter) = 20 supermans

  • Every time you push enter/submit and you don't get the right word you have a 1 minute wall sit after you complete your exercises for missed letters. (You can enter your next guess or start noodling through ideas while you are strengthening your legs!)

For the letters that are grey or not in the word at all you will do all the exercises in that column. If you get a correct letter but it's in the wrong column (yellow letters) you have to do 1/2 the reps- so essentially 10. If you get the right letter in the right column (a green letter) you don't have to do that column's exercise.

For example: You guess "GREAT" and the word has the letters "G" (first column) and "T" (last column) but they are in the wrong columns (yellow letters) you have to do 10 squats and supermans instead of 20. And you got "E" (third column- green letter) in the right column so you don't have to do any lunges.

So in this example, you would push submit/enter then complete your exercises- 10 squats, 20 push ups, (no lunges), 20 hinge jumps, 10 supermans. Then do your wall sit for one minute prior to entering another guess.

Why oh why would we have you do such a silly thing?


Plus, you may realize your brain actually works better when you move your body, it's a proven fact. So, we will be helping you get moving, strengthen your body and your mind all while you play a silly, addictive game. It's honestly genius.

I hope you play our game and enjoy your daily Wordle that much more.

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