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12 days of Fitness Holiday Hustle/Workout 2

Keep up the good work. We are getting into the middle of the month and things are getting busy making it that much harder to keep up with your normal routine. We have created another quick 20 min workout for you to attempt 4 times this week. Enjoy!

Warm Up:

Quadruped T-Spine Rotations x 6 each

Bear Crawl Bird Dogs x 6 each

Step Groiner to SL Down Dog x 6e

Inchworm to Squats

SL RDL’s x 6

Workout 15-20 minute running clock.

Hinge Jumps :30

Kickstand RDL’s with Toe Reach x 12e

Tall Plank to Bear Crawl Shoulder Tap X 6e

Hamstring Walkouts x 6

Prone Touchdowns x 12

Get as many rounds in as you can and beat your numbers next time!

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