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12 Days/Workouts 'till Christmas

We are creating a new spin on the 12 days of Christmas. There are just under 20 days total between today (12/6) and Christmas Day. For the next three weeks we will send out a circuit for you to complete 4 times during that week and then by the time 12/25 rolls around you will have 12 additional workouts under your belt for this month.

These workouts are meant to be done in addition to your regular scheduled movement activities - think of them as extra credit. Plus they will give you a huge boost in your total number of workouts if you are participating in the Holiday Hustle Workout Challenge.

We are our own biggest obstacle and we can make some pretty amazing excuses not to workout. I want to make this as easy for you to comply as possible. You can always find 20-30 minutes to do some sort of movement, you may need to pencil it into your calendar to set aside the time but you CAN do it.

This time of year it is so easy to sideline your fitness goals or skip workouts but we REALLY encourage all of you to stick with it. It will make ringing in the New Year that much more fun! You won't need an exercise overhaul come Jan 1st. Perhaps some dietary adjustments will still be necessary come 2021 but if you stick with your routine and prioritize your workouts during December you will start the year off with a great advantage.

So sign up for the Holiday Hustle if you haven't already and start tallying your workouts so you can win a prize AND feel great about yourself all month long.

12 days of Fitness Workout 1

Time Based 20 Total Minutes (5 minute warm up and 15 minutes of work)

Warm Up

4 Point Bird Dog Reach x 5 Each :02 Hold

Down dog step groiner x 4 e

Knee Tuck to Lunge x 6 each

Air Squats 1.5 x 10e

Alt Lateral Split Squats x 8e

Workout: 15 minutes get in as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes with excellent form

Forward Reverse Lunges x 6e

Push Up to Alternating Shoulder Tap x 6e (can always drop to knees)

Prone Floor Angles x 10 (try and keep hollow body position belly button off floor)

Mt Climbers x 10e (Keep Arms locked and work on hip ROM)

Repeat as many times as possible in 15 minutes and your goal is to increase the amount of rounds you can complete in 15 minutes on your next workout.

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