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Holiday Hustle- Workout 3- Merry Christmas

Join our resident Elf and Santa's helper to complete your third week of our Holiday Hustle/ 12 workouts 'till Christmas challenge. This week we have a festive themed workout that will make you giggle and sweat. Enjoy!

Warm Up

Bear Crawl Walkout to Down Dog x 5

Figure 4 Quad Stretch with T-Spine Rotations x 5 ea

Frogger Glute Bridges x 20

Forward Lunge with Elbow Reach x 5 ea

Jack Squats x 20

Workout 15 minutes get in as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes with excellent form

1) Split Squat with Cross Body Reach towards Forward Foot (Boot Shines) x 10ea

2) Push Up to Prone Snow Angles x 10

3) Single Leg RDL (Reindeer Antlers) x 10 ea

4) Side Plank with Reach (looking for presents) x 10 ea

Repeat as many times in 15 minutes and your goal is to make it through more rounds each


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