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How to Fix a Shoulder Tweak

We often have aches and pains and minor tweaks that cause us to limit our range of motion for a while within a particular joint. This week Myles has made a video that outlines three exercises you can easily do at home to help yourself if you have a shoulder tweak. Maybe you played too much pickle ball, or perhaps sunk some 3 pointers only to find the next day that your shoulder was not quite right.

What do you think is #1 common mistake we all make?

Ding, ding ding!!!! You got it right. The wrong thing to do is to do nothing.... You need to self-assess and do some range of motion work to get the joint to return to its normal state and get it to calm down. By doing this, it puts it into a better and safer position for it to recover. The hard part is figuring out exactly what exercises or mobility work you should do to make it feel better. This is where Myles's expertise comes in handy.

Maybe you don't have a shoulder tweak right now, but file this video away for future use because there will come a day when you need to do some work to get that shoulder feeling right again.

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