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No slacking during the 2020 holiday season

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

For better or worse the 2020 holiday season is definitely going to look different. I'm guessing we won't have as many holiday parties, dinners with family, and social events that usually fill up our days during November and December.

One positive outcome of all these avoided social events could be our waistline remaining slim instead of expanding with the winter liquor, food and treats. I'm all for looking for silver linings during this time, anything that can be viewed as positive must be highlighted. Beyond that though, all I can say is ugh. 2020 has been a rough year and this holiday season will bring with it it's fair share of disappointment as well.

To avoid falling into that trap of, "this sucks, everything's lame this year, I hate 2020", let's try to focus on the positive. What can we do to raise ourselves and our spirits up during this season? How can we suppport our community and family to keep everyone happy and healthy?

How about exercise? (You totally didn't see that one coming, right?)

November and December are slow months in gyms across the country. People commonly sideline their physical health and exercise schedule to fit in other social obligations. It's easy to say, I'll hit it hard Jan 1st, but for the next 6 weeks I'm not focusing on getting my workouts in. That's a slippery slope, because if you don't priortize your workouts other things start to slip, like your nutrition and sleep. And given the fact we are in the middle of a pandemic, focusing on maintaining good sleep, nutrition and exercise habits will help to strengthen your immune system.

So since this year is going to be different, let's make a positive change to embrace the free time will have and keep our workouts on the calendar.

We are hitting off the holiday season with our usual BURN THE BIRD workout. Given all the COVID restrictions however this year our sweaty butt kickin' workout will be on Zoom. No equipment is necesssary AND we can have as many people as we want participate because we have no space limitations. SO this is the year to reach out to family and friends and have them take part in a new tradition. Here are the positives......

  1. No need to travel anywhere, your garage or living room is the perfect spot to get sweaty

  2. You can have family or friends that live far away take part since it's virtual.

  3. Perhaps you've told people about your trainer or virtual workouts and this is a great opportunity to introduce them to us and this new training platform.

  4. Misery loves company, invite your friends to suffer along with you.

See! So many great reasons to join us this year and recruit others to take part. We want to encourage our community to stay physically and mentally healthy this holiday season. It's going to take all of us looking out for each other to keep us sane, so do your part and stay active and encourage others to as well.


Wednesday Nov 25th 5 pm OR Thursday Nov 26th 9 am

Class is one hour, no equipment necessary, all levels welcome!

$20/person (if you bring a friend you each pay $15)

Email Myles or Lisa to sign up! OR

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