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Thanksgiving and Gratitude

This week we simply want to say thank you!

This past year has been a challenging one for our business and we appreciate all our clients and friends that have helped support us. Making the switch from in person training to virtual training was not a seamless transition but we think it has actually served its purpose and has worked well. We feel very fortunate that all of you accepted the change and stuck with us through the past year. Many businesses have had to close their doors but we have been able to continue to thrive and serve our community despite the pandemic and all the associated difficulties it has presented.

We sincerely hope to be able to see all your faces in person again. We know we have a way to go before that becomes a reality but we do miss the in-person interaction and camaraderie of the gym atmosphere. It is so important however to continue your fitness regime and we will happily train all willing clients virtually until that day comes.

It may feel like it’s a bit harder to find things you are thankful for this year but we challenge you to focus on one or two things that you are grateful for this past year. Reach out to that person or post your grateful moment on our FB page to share it with our community. We’d love to hear about all the positive moments that everyone is thankful for. If you are up for a challenge try to tell us in just 6 words. Here are ours:

Lisa: Trip to Australia-before world imploded.

Myles: Work from home- healthy family life

Anya: Riding horses with my crazy mom.

Elin: Homeschool with sister- daddy home more

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